When you know who your audience is, it becomes easy to assign a purpose to the post you write – hat tip to Evan LePage, the Senior Content Manager at Unito. Better yet, write the purpose on top of your write-up, so it’s in your mind as you write your draft.

This will help you, “determine your approach to writing it [your blog post], making your life as a writer easier, and the outcome more impactful,” explains Evan.

He also dives into the details: “if the purpose of your blog is to rank for SEO, you should be researching existing SERPs, taking inspiration from the top-ranking content, using your keyword to drive your headlines and lede.”

On the other hand, “if the purpose of your blog is to drive brand awareness, you should be honing in on your target audience’s interests and language, providing applicable tips and templates, including more shareable assets and quotes.”

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